[200q20v] FW: upgrade advice

Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Mon Dec 3 09:08:56 EST 2001

FWIW, I ran UFO's and G60's back to back when I was forced to replace the
UFO's (another story for another day). With better pads and bigger rotors,
the G60's were on par with the UFO's even on the track. I think pads and
rotors made a big difference. I would have to say that stock the UFO's were
great brakes (it took semi race pads and better rotors just to keep up witht
he factory Audi UFO components). Just have to remember to warm the UFO's up
a little so they heat up evenly. Minor warpage could always be cured with
3-4 good hard stops. Only other negative is they are very heavy. If one has
G60's, upgrade pads and get better rotors and I don't think there will much
difference that will be noticed. Just another data point.
91 200qa (wildwoods and MB rotors

  I don't think it was a mistake for the 200q20v, but I do wonder
about the V8's and UrS4's.

  Hey, if the UFO's work OK, then fine.  I think we were talking repeated
stops and hard usage with G60's here.  I wouldn't dream of running
the G60's on the track :-)


> The car came with badly warped UFOs, apparently, and my friend had changed
> them over to G60s before I bought the car.  I'm not too unhappy about it,
> unfortunately for you.
> Chris


I believe and am thankful that my 200Q-20V PO was correct in refusing to
accept the Audi G60 downgrade.  Rather, he insisted that the dealer make the
UFOs right, which after several tries, they did.  Great brakes at 150K.

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