[200q20v] broken key in trunk

Pete Kunzler pck at gte.net
Tue Dec 4 20:48:54 EST 2001

You can open the trunk without opening the door or even disabling the alarm,
sometimes when hands are full it works the best not to have to walk around
to the side of the car and then back to the trunk.

BTW, Sean is has the lock out of the car and the cylinder out of the
assembly. The broken off part of the key is buried pretty deep and I don't
have anything long and thin enough to grab it here so he will have to finish
this off tommorrow.

Pete Kunzler

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> > If you take the cylinder housing out of the trunk, it should be easy and
> > obvious how to remove the cylinder from the housing with the key in
> > Without a key, not as easy.
> >
> > Go for a RKE, and never use a key in a door lock again.
> >
> > Bernie
> In 5+ yrs, I have never had my key in the trunk. It seems to lock just
> with the central locking system. Open the passenger door for the SO ( save
> wear on the drivers side) and the trunk unlocks also. Am I missing out on
> something here?
> mike miller
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