[200q20v] Re: Water cooling IC idea?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Dec 5 01:28:17 EST 2001

At 12:59 AM -0500 12/5/01, SuffolkD at aol.com wrote:

>Is it possible to take water (by-product of combustion) from the exhaust
>system and "wick" it or drain it from the exhaust system through tubing or
>piping to the front of the IC so that water would continuously "mist" (from
>ram air passing a dripping tube or pipe) over the IC cooling fins to lower
>the air temperature?

You could do it...but there wouldn't be much point from an effort
standpoint.  Collecting the moisture from the exhaust would involve
some sort of condenser setup.  It would invariably increase exhaust
backpressure.  A trap at the very end of the exhaust system might
catch stuff, but only when the exhaust is cold enough to cause the
moisture to condense.

I have a controller I bought used that works off a ambient and IC
core temp sensors, along with a lead spliced off one of the
injectors, used to determine engine RPM and also, rather
conveniently, engine load.  Reviews I've read have said that it has
an uncanny ability to spritz the IC at the right time, for the right
amount etc.

Storage is easy; flexible membrane water containers are available
from REI etc for $40 tops...for huge quantities of water. Put it in
one of the side pockets in the trunk or with the spare tire.  Tie
wrap the supply line to a brake line or similar and run all the way
up to the IC.

The trick is...how do you spray something that's a foot wide and half
a foot tall..and there's no "car" in front of it to place the nozzle
on and aim backwards?  On the S-cars, 1.8ts vw and audi etc, the IC
is ducted, so you can put the nozzle a decent ways in front of the IC
and get a good shot of the entire surface.  Not so on the 200q20v.
I've come up with a few ideas via brainstorming, but nothing seemed
promising enough in the ol' mental picturing system, to bother
building; I'm somewhat stumped.

   What you probably need are two or three nearly flattened cone
nozzles, spraying from above or below the IC, with little shields on
the front face of the body of the nozzle extending upwards past the
nozzle a bit, to keep them from spraying water out the front of the
car("Hey bub, yer car is leakin' somethin!")

BTW, the Bosch windshield washer pump delivers -plenty- of pressure
for the one nozzle I do have that the guy threw in the box with the
controller.  I have an aftermarket pump+container, but it develops an
almost completely unuseable amount of pressure.  Get a bosch pump
from an old european car in a junkyard if you intend to give this
sort of thing a try.

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