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Wed Dec 5 07:56:12 EST 2001

Ive tried this on a 86 gti turbo and a 88 80q turbo.
Both using a gas injector to mist the IC with a perfect water pattern. Very big difference, and easy to do.


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> Since I know very little about the IC, I still venture this idea to the crowd:
> If water does help cool the air through the IC, can an idea like this work?
> Is it possible to take water (by-product of combustion) from the exhaust
> system and "wick" it or drain it from the exhaust system through tubing or
> piping to the front of the IC so that water would continuously "mist" (from
> ram air passing a dripping tube or pipe) over the IC cooling fins to lower
> the air temperature?
> -Scott (BOSTON)  just an idea I had bouncing in my head as I read these
> things.
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> > Want to drastically increase your IC's heat transfer?  Spray it with
> > a mist of water.  It doesn't have so much do to with water having a
> > high thermal mass, but what it does when it evaporates; the phase
> > change conveniently transfers -boatloads- of heat off whatever the
> >
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