[200q20v] request for comments - audifans.com 20th anniversary shirt

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Wed Dec 5 08:17:50 EST 2001

A final proposed design is at:


Please get back to me with any comments.  Assume the following:

- the shirt will be long sleeve, of high quality cotton, much like the
Mt.Washington shirts
- the shirt will cost somewhere around $20, final price yet TBD

I will do my best to get pricing out asap, but apparently my wife wants
to have another baby sometime in the next day or two, so I may be a bit
tied up :)

How would people feel about a commercial sponsor or two, with a small
logo somewhere on the shirt?  This would help offset costs and maybe
bring the price down too.  I'm concerned that it may compromise the
design though.

My goal is to have most transactions handled by paypal, so that we can
collect enough pre-orders to at least cover the production costs, so
there is limited danger.

It's possible that I could also do these in batches, say 20-30 at a
time, and they could be sold on an ongoing basis.  I would probably
prefer a one-shot deal for the 10th anniversary shirt, and we can look
at other items (tshirts, baseball caps, etc) in the near future.

Profits will be used to offset production costs as well as my ongoing
list costs.  Anyone uncomfortable with that should let me know as part
of his order where he would like any profits to be donated to.  I can't
promise to be able to match your wish exactly, but if 50 people want
money donated to the Red Cross for example, that's easy to accomplish.


| Dan |

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