[200q20v] Re: request for comments - audifans.com 20th anniversary shirt

Wallace White wallace at stanfordalumni.org
Wed Dec 5 07:37:18 EST 2001

Very nice, Dan! I would say tasteful sponsorship is fine. Carlsen Audi,
Clair, The Parts Connection, etc. would fit right in. Say, how much are
Pirelli and Duckhams chipping in? ;)

And like others, I'm more than happy to have the proceeds go towards the
costs of the running the list.

Thanks for putting this together!

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 179k

Dan Simoes wrote:
> A final proposed design is at:
> http://members.rennlist.com/rennwagen/af_shirt2.jpg

> How would people feel about a commercial sponsor or two, with a small
> logo somewhere on the shirt?  This would help offset costs and maybe
> bring the price down too.  I'm concerned that it may compromise the
> design though.

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