[200q20v] 20v 200 fuel pump

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Dec 5 11:02:07 EST 2001

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>I've replaced mine within the past 9 months and got the sleeve from
>the dealer and the pump from the aftermarket.  Still cost about $200
>for the works.
>Did the work myself w/low fuel tank.  Put the new pump in the sleeve
>and get it seated before you go opening up the fuel tank (near
>No special tools were used, though some on the list think you need
>them.  In fact, with the new pump the electrics now plug in rather
>than attach by nut, eliminating the need for a wrench.

So for your new pump it sounds like you needed to modify the wiring
harness by adding plug-style connectors(?) Anyway the plug-in design
you mentioned was not found on the "new" (thin) Bosch pump that I
installed about 16 months ago. It  had threaded studs for electrical
connections, similar the old one. It did have different size studs,
however, so I had to slightly enlarge the hole on one of the
connectors to fit.

As to doing without the special pump tool: that's certainly worth a
try, and if you're lucky, you may not need it. I'm one of those on
the list who needed the tool, but I didn't just "think" it was
needed, I durn well proved it it--after applying my fairlyly ample
arm/wrist/finger strength (even using a leather glove) without effect
for nearly half a day before deciding to spend the 25 bucks at
Zelenda. YMMV

I later sold (traded) the tool to a friend who operates an Audi/VW
shop--although he claimed he had never used one for any of fuel pumps
he'd replaced over the years (but he's never done a '91 200 pump).
Two weeks later, he told me he needed to use it on a '91 (or '92?).



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