[200q20v] Driver's door lock

Charles Baer Charlie at DCSi.com
Wed Dec 5 09:31:26 EST 2001

I just replaced the passenger side broken pot metal arm that connects
the cylinder to the rod.  The updated parts include a new cylinder to
fit the pressed metal arm and a snap ring instead of the original pot
metal arm and e-clip.  $30 at the dealer if it doesn't turn out to be
a plastic rod clip.

It only took me since picking up the car in March to get around to it
before the driver side also broke.  In spite of Bernie's economy-mode
approach ;->, this would be a good thing to fix even if you can still
get in the other side.


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> Fellow Audians,
> My driver's door lock has been a bit odd the past few days.  Mostly
> sticking.  I figured it was the cold/snow.
> Came out of nail biter, overtime, Gonzaga BB game tonight and the lock
> suddenly felt very smooth.  Turned out to be too smooth.
> It goes back and forth, and while I hear the alarm beep, the
> door would
> not unlock.  Luckily, I was able to get in from the other side.
> Any ideas?
> How much $$$.
> Greg J
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