[200q20v] request for comments - audifans.com 20th anniversary shirt

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Dec 5 11:34:30 EST 2001

>A final proposed design is at:
>Please get back to me with any comments.  Assume the following:
>- the shirt will be long sleeve, of high quality cotton, much like the
>Mt.Washington shirts
>- the shirt will cost somewhere around $20, final price yet TBD
>I will do my best to get pricing out asap, but apparently my wife wants
>to have another baby sometime in the next day or two, so I may be a bit
>tied up :)
>How would people feel about a commercial sponsor or two, with a small
>logo somewhere on the shirt?  This would help offset costs and maybe
>bring the price down too.  I'm concerned that it may compromise the
>design though.

Nice design. But a sponsor logo (even just one) will be a negative
aspect for me. There's already too darn much commercialism and
advertising in our lives (harrumph, mumble, sputter, cough.... ). I
wouldn't mind seeing some sponsor logos on your website. But for the
shirt on _my_ back--I'd much rather pay an extra couple of bucks and
leave out the sponsors.

I do believe most people would be OK with having _all_ profits go to
support the list.

Best wishes on your impending addition to the "fleet".

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