[200q20v] RE: request for comments - audifans.com 20th anniversary shirt

Steve Sprague ssprague at nmgovlaw.com
Wed Dec 5 09:32:39 EST 2001


	First off, congrats on increasing the legions of Audifans!

A final proposed design is at:


Please get back to me with any comments.  Assume the following:

- the shirt will be long sleeve, of high quality cotton, much like the
Mt.Washington shirts
- the shirt will cost somewhere around $20, final price yet TBD

	Count me in.  Like the design.  I do have one suggestions, I agree with on
lister, to drop the Audifans.com from the 4 quattro fade on the back.  Since
you have it above, but if this gets us around any trademark infringements I
can live with it.

How would people feel about a commercial sponsor or two, with a small
logo somewhere on the shirt?  This would help offset costs and maybe
bring the price down too.  I'm concerned that it may compromise the
design though.

	If we do have one, maybe we can regulate them to the other sleeve only and
not pollute your design.  Paypal will work for me.

Profits will be used to offset production costs as well as my ongoing
list costs....
....donated to the Red Cross for example, that's easy to accomplish.

	Let's just keep the excess for you.  I think you are very deserving and the
others (ie Red Cross) are overflowing with cash!  Yeah, a little selfish,
but your time is worth a ton!

Steve Sprague
A new lister
84 4ksq

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