[200q20v] Re: [200q20v]another defrost problem

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Dec 5 23:08:54 EST 2001

At 3:17 PM -0500 12/5/01, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>The other possibility is that the drain for the inside of the evap box has
>plugged.  This is a greater problem because there's no fixing it I've been
>able to figure out without disconnecting the A/C lines and removing the box

Removing the resistor pack on top of that evap box does give some
limited access for cleaning, but very limited. If that doesn't reveal
the cause of the problem, the next step would be to try to clear the
evap box's drain line (rubber tube) using a wire inserted from
beneath the car. But I agree that one should pray that the problem is
merely junk in the main drain.


>At 01:22 PM 12/05/2001 -0500, Tresturbos at aol.com wrote:
>><< The misting of the windows with the defroster on sounds like you may
>>have a problem with the broken fresh air flap or a bad heater core. Does it
>>smell like antifreeze when the defrost is on?
>>If it does not clear, it is also possible that your A/C compressor is
>>not working properly, as that should clear any condensation before it
>>happens. >>
>>Interesting that this should come up, as I was going to ask about this kind
>>of problem as well.  Only in my case, the defrost works fine for long periods
>>of time, only to completely fog the windows after driving through a curvy
>>section of road just a 1/2 mile from home.  It fogs up quickly, and so
>>extensively that if I didn't roll down all the windows, I wouldn't be able to
>>see my way home! One time, when I left the windows closed, I parked on the
>>side of the road and waited about 10 minutes for it to even partially clear
>>I'm thinking that in the curves, water must be sloshing into an opening
>>somewhere in the ventilation path. Not knowing how the system works, I
>>haven't a clue what to look for.  BTW, every time this has happened, the
>>outside temperature has been sub 37-40 degrees(f).
>>Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.
>>Mitch Frey
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