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Wed Dec 5 22:37:03 EST 2001

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I liked the first part of your post, the later smells like lawyer urine, a =
most offensive odour, worse than a skunk, hopefully Audi will realize liste=
rs sell more Audis than any ad, and their lawyers will bugger off, bet you =
a buck Two fifty the list does not hear a peep from Audi when the shirt com=
es out, if Audi was smart they would order a 1000 of them( the new shirt de=
sign) and sell it with a special edition A-4, an A-4 with a cool t- shirt, =
and a matching back pack,maybe a soft bag thing, and with a factory roof ra=
ck, with at least a 1.8 t, hmm or the 2.7 twin turbo, naw, just the 1.8 t t=
he 2.7tt would be to many dollars, but what the hell, if lawyers are involv=
ed, who cares about cost eh? I better go or I will have to use the sphall c=
huck thang to complete this message :-) Bill
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  Great design and idea. Hopefully there will be some XXLs.

  Profits should go to you for all that you do.

  Congrats on the new audifan

  Don't shoot me I'm only the piano player.  "Audi", "quattro" the four rin=
gs and Audi emblems are registered trademarks or trademarks of AUDI AG, Ger=
many.  Audi may or may not get sideways on this issue, but to be on the saf=
e side, you  should put a "circle R" after Audi and quattro on the back and=
 sleeve of the shirt.

  Greg J

  Dan Simoes <dans at audifans.com> wrote in part:

  A final proposed design is at:


  Please get back to me with any comments.  Assume the following:

  - the shirt will be long sleeve, of high quality cotton, much like the
  Mt.Washington shirts
  - the shirt will cost somewhere around $20, final price yet TBD

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