[200q20v] fuel smell

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Thu Dec 6 09:36:57 EST 2001


Replaced the cap on the 200 with one from the CQ - cap seems to work ok on
the CQ - no fuel smell,audible pressure release when opening cap on the CQ
No change in the behaviour on the 200.

At least for me, it's not the cap - I think that it's either a loose hose,
or opening allowing discharge into the atmosphere.


At 06:14 AM 12/6/2001 -0800, Fundsalo Racing wrote:

>When you notice the smell, try removing the gas cap. I
>always find a very high pressure release when removing
>the cap after detecting the smell of gas outside the
>car. I suspect that the cap is just leaking down very
>slowly. BTDT.

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