[200q20v] fuel smell and Mysterious rear clunking

stevequattro at aol.com stevequattro at aol.com
Thu Dec 6 23:55:20 EST 2001

Haha, true.

Hey thanks Bernie. You were right about only the inner rear bushing needing
replacment. Did not have to spend $$ at the dealer for the others after all.

However, turns out it was not the source of my mysterious clunking over bumps
on that side  (Bilstiens in fine shape too).  Darn.

Turns out there is something wrong with the caliper. Seems there is some play
when I grab and push/pull on the caliper (in the direction of piston
movement). The other side is tight as it should be.  Rotors look like they
have been kept clean by the pads so I do not think the piston is seized.
Also, the movement (play) is gone with the parking brake on, indicating that
the piston does provide a clamping force.  The mounting bolts are secure and
I do not see any visable damage to the hub or caliper.

I would not think that the piston would be able to retract in its bore to
allow movement, so I am not sure what could be the source.

Did not have time to remove/clean/reinstall today though.  I will post my
findings when I do.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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