[200q20v] Re: fuel link leak under pass front door

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Fri Dec 7 17:57:16 EST 2001

Chris, a simple, cheap solution would be to cut out the bad section, flare the ends of the line before and after it, and use some high-pressure fuel injection hose with 2 clamps on each side.


In a message dated Fri, 7 Dec 2001  5:50:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, Chris Covington <malth at umich.edu> writes:

> Since changing the injectors and fuel filter, I've developed a leak at the
> rubber grommet that suspends the fuel line underneath the passenger side
> door.  I guess the line rusted inside that rubber grommet, and is now
> leaking.  Anyway, is there any way that I can patch this or maybe run a
> ferrel (sp?) connector around before the leaks with new line?  I'd like to
> not have to replace the whole line, as it only leaks in one section.  Is
> there some kind of kit for this ala the S4/S6 fuel line recall?
> Chris
> '91 200q20v

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