[200q20v] recall

Mark Trank MTrank at albemarle.org
Sat Dec 8 12:37:04 EST 2001

I sent a letter to AOA last week inquiring about the status of the recall.
No response to date.  I'll advise if and when I do get something.

On a totally separate note, I happened to be surfing w/ the kids and came
across pix of the new Lamborghini Murcielago, the first of the breed to be
produced under Audi ownership.  Awesome machine, 580+ bhp, full-time
all-wheel drive (sound familiar?).  Mine's soon to be on order (i.e., 1/43
or 1/18 scale...)


91 200q20v 91k mi.
2002 Murcielago (fantasyland)

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