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Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Sat Dec 8 23:15:41 EST 2001

I may be incorrect, but my wifes 91 Chev Caprice has the Bose Silver series
stereo in it and also has the bad rear speakers. NO rumors of a recall
there. I wonder how many different cars these speakers were installed in?

mike miller
helmville mt
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> Thanks Phil,  I'll call.  Sounds like a "fun challenge."  I was talking to
> somebody about this recall and he had mentioned that the Audi/Bose sytem
> also in the V8, as well as offered as an upgrade to other 100/200's.
> Anybody know about this.
> If this is the case, our assumption on a somewhat limited number of
> cars would seem to be in error; slightly conservative.  At least my
> knowledge that is.
> Derek P
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> At 4:58 PM -0500 12/7/01, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >So, I suppose Audi's "recall" is going to involve us all running out and
> >buying reman units that are just as defective as the originals?
> Oh c'mon now Brett. They may be stupid, but why assume they're complete
> idiots?
> >  Audi's
> >been rather silent on the whole thing, and its been what, two months
> >NHSTA's announcement?  I have yet to get a letter/call.
> After sitting on significant data for something like 2-3 yrs, I guess
> Audi lawyer/accountants have calculated that a few more weeks or
> months won't hurt--unless it's _your_ car and/or home goes up in
> flames in the meantime. Has any lister actually contacted AoA (aside
> from dealer contacts) since the recall notice to determine what the
> delay will be (and why)? I think we all should start making calls to
> Customer Relations, since Audi just might be waiting to see some
> significant "demand" start to develop before they commit money to
> produce an improved amplifier board or replacement speaker.
> Here's the AoA Customer Relations phone number:
> 800-822-2834
> Phil
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