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Sun Dec 9 12:43:27 EST 2001

Is not the problem under-rated voltage on a few
electrolytic caps - only 12VDC - woefully low for
automotive environments? Should be possible to
determine if problems are likely by just examining the
VDC rating on the big electrolytics...

--- Phil Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net> wrote:
> At 11:15 PM -0700 12/8/01, Mike Miller wrote:
> >I may be incorrect, but my wifes 91 Chev Caprice
> has the Bose Silver series
> >stereo in it and also has the bad rear speakers. NO
> rumors of a recall
> >there. I wonder how many different cars these
> speakers were installed in?
> >
> >mike miller
> >helmville mt



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