[200q20v] Cluster

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Dec 10 22:14:26 EST 2001

You might want to check out the soldering suggestions
at:   http://www.lanikamal.com/audi/dashboard.html

At 07:50 PM 12/10/2001 -0700, Edward J Kellock wrote:

>There are several wiring connectors that attach to the
>back of the IC.  The multi-wire connector blocks have
>a small band of plastic that must be pulled outward from
>the center of the connector to release the connector block.
>A small flat-blade screwdriver can be used to pry out the
>small plastic band in the center of each connector block to
>release them.  I think there are three connectors that need
>this treatment.  On the right side of the IC over the 3 gauges,
>there are some single bulb connectors that must be removed.
>Rotate them counterclockwise about a quarter of a turn
>(unscrew) to release.
>Have you removed the steering wheel?  I've done it
>without on two 200's.  Be very careful of the wood trim.
>I put two strips of masking tape over the wood.  The IC
>will come out on the passenger side of the steering
>wheel with some careful positioning and a little effort.
>Be patient.  It can be done.  Put the hammer down.
>Get a mirror and a flashlight.
>I don't remember exactly but the part that needs to
>be soldered to fix the speedo needle bounce is the
>connector between the two boards.  On mine, it was
>either one end or the other where it attaches to the
>board.  I just reheated the solder and let it cure again.
>On Mon, 10 Dec 2001 20:02:25 -0600 "Simon Dawson" <sidawson at yahoo.com>
> > --
> > Hi all
> > Can anyone tell how to get the instrument cluster out of a '91 100/200
> > I need to replace some lights and sort out the Speedo needle  bounce.
> > all the bolts are off as per the Manual. It moves out about an inch.
> > I'm about ready to put a hammer to it.
> > Anyone please help its driving me insane.
> > Simon
> > --
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