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Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Dec 11 19:04:33 EST 2001

>Fellow listers:
>I received a telephone call today from a very nice young lady at Audi of
>America who was unfortunately totally uninformed about the latest recall.  I
>had written to AOA last week inquiring as to the status of the recall.
>According to her, Audi's position at this point is that the matter is under
>review (somewhere) and that no decision had been made about what to do.  How

Well I agree that's not reassuring at all. But whaen you say the Audi
lass was "totally uninformed"--do you mean she appeared to not be
unaware that an NHTSA recall campaign ID# has been assigned to this
problem and that this was  announced publicly almost 2 months ago?
Did she really claim complete ignorance? Or did she just have nothing
useful to add to the published recall announcement? In any event a
sad situation. Somehow, Nissan and Bose were able to figure out a
solution about 2 years ago.

I called NHTSA's Hotline this evening, but could get no further info
from them.  They asked if I had tried contacting the manufacturer,
and I basically played back your report (above). The NHTSA phone
person  was very sympathetic to our situation and claimed to be
shocked that a luxury marque such as Audi would leave owners hanging
like that. She suggested I call back when her supervisor was
available and perhaps he/she could clarify what's going on (or _not_
going on).

It may be approaching time to call "60 Minutes". Geraldo? Heck, '91
200q prices can't get much lower now anyway. :-(

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