[200q20v] lower wastegate hose?

DanMurphy1 at aol.com DanMurphy1 at aol.com
Thu Dec 13 00:30:04 EST 2001

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Well, Chris,
yes that about sums it up, except the part where after it goes PHAah, it
still makes noise while winding down.
After my timing belt job there was no noise from the turbo.
After the Tap chip and spring upgrade there was no noise from the turbo.
Soon after the K&N cone filter, that I could hear it while the pass., window
was down.
It is getting louder as time goes on.  Sound is coming from the hot side of
the turbo, as in you can hear it spool up and down with a metallic friction
I have checked the lower IC hose, replaced the UIC hose, and rechecked them
The car is not blowing any oil thru the exhaust from what I can see, no
smoke, residue etc., but there is slight pooling of oil in the IC hoses.
What really irks me is when I bought the car it did have a low boost problem,
only getting 1.3- 1.5 bar of boost on the stock gauge.
Pulled codes before starting to probe and the only thing that came up was
After going thru the problem areas, new multi func. switch,  small vacuum
lines, new bypass valve, etc., boost was up to 1.6-1.8 on the stock gauge and
everything checked out OK. No codes and all as should be. So I thought.
What am I missing here.
I installed an after market boost gauge after the chip upgrade.
I get 12-15 psi. and per Tap should get 18-19 psi.
When I clamp off the hose going from the wastegate to the freq. valve I get a
solid 23-24 psi. running strong and spinning loud.
If the turbo, IC hoses, etc. were bad would I get this much performance?
I took the car to two mechanic's, both took a quick look, listened to the
sound under boost and said new turbo time.
I have half a mind to just clamp a pair of vise grips on that hose and run it
till it stops. Is this OK or bad?
So in the meantime I await the rs2 exhaust manifold from Blau.
I will attempt to put, what I know is a good k26 on at the same time as the
I have also ordered from Blau their new two gauge A pillar pod housing along
with an air to fuel gauge just to be a little on the safe side.
thanks to all for their help,

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