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I do believe the severe lack of qualified mechanics
willing to work on Audis does contribute in no small
part to the precipitous decline in value of older
examples, as well as the co$t of part$...

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> Happy Holidays to the "Audifans" membership. :o]
> My wife and I have recently moved to Salem, Or. and
> I wonder if anyone else lives in this area that can
> offer assistance with the names/address of a
> "Reputable" shop where we can take our '90 (non Q)
> 200 ??  We used to live in SE Washington State and
> there was ONLY one shop where we could take our
> beauty (Pearlescent White/Black with only 100K),,,,,
> but these guys were "rip-off" artists and had no
> respect for these unique cars and the adoration we
> have for them.  Perhaps fine folks who belong to
> these AUDI groups had/have,, the very same
> challenges which is why many - if not MOST - of you
> have learned what you have about "self maintenance"
> and have started these wonderful "self help" On-Line
> Communities.
> I have been avid fan of muscle cars for years, being
> from the "baby-boomer" generation I'm not half bad
> at twisting wrenches on those relatively simple
> (compared to AUDI's !!) cars.   I am constantly
> amazed at the knowledge you all have about these
> AUDI's and read each and every message you guys post
> for the sharing of knowledge among yourselves.  My
> problem is - half of them I have no idea
> what-so-ever what the heck your talk'n bout ! :o]
> HA,, but I've purchased a couple of Chilton's
> Manuals and read, read, read.  We've had our AUDI
> since '93 and have no intentions what-so-ever about
> letting go of it,, especially since the declared
> value of these cars is so ridiculously low !
> HMMMMM,, perhaps the value has something to do with
> the fact that few mechanics and techs are willing to
> learn the idiosincricies these cars have, or are
> willing to learn how to perform troubleshooting and
> repairs ??  Do you agree ?
> Thank You all for your willingness to share your
> knowledge.
> Have a Super Holiday season,
> J. Zimmerman - alias - QuickDeuce  (our 9 sec.
> ProStreet Nova had vanity plates - QCKDUCE)
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