[200q20v] Fun with boost problems.

digital leopard digitaleopard at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 16 20:15:18 EST 2001

Hello all...
Having a low boost problem on the 200, and am seeking input.
About 2 weeks ago, on a particularly cold night, had the temp warning light
come on.  Unsuprisingly, couldn't get full boost - was limited to 1.4Bar
(Very rarely 1.5B since then).   Saw it, swore, and made arrangements to get
car in shop.  (Don't currently have a garage.)  Now, just got the car back,
and Rolf says that the MFTS is working fine, as are all the other sensors
(!).  He says that the fault is in the circuit board itself, but he doesn't
think that would cause a low boost condition; the signal is sent seperately
to the ECU.  They checked for engine codes, nothing.

I don't know.  But I am really short on time (leaving for christmas
vacation), and thus on options.  The car just broke 150k, and Rolf's guys
were so busy tracing the fault that they forgot the checkup.  I believe that
the 150k calls for a full tuneup, so this might just be worn plugs.  I
replaced the (split) IC ribbed hose, no change.

My questions are:
1)  Has anyone ever had a low boost condition that they traced back to the
circuit board?  After all, the two started at the same time.
2)  Are there any listers in the Salt Lake City area who would be interested
in helping me with this problem?  Anyone there ever done the Circuit Board
fix?  (Yes, I'm from Denver, see Q #3, below.)
3   Just how stupid would it be to drive the car in this condition from
Denver to Salt Lake?  I'm going out there Jan 2 for ten weeks - I'm
providing network support for the winter olympics - and as much as I want
the car there, I'm not going to drive her if it will endanger it.

Thanks, Ron Merrell.

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