[200q20v] Fun with boost problems.

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The MFTS could be working correctly, but the wiring to it could be faulty,
btdt.  The only 2 items that trigger the temp light (this applies to S cars,
5k/200, 90q20v and late euro urq's <not us urq) as well) are the MFTS and the
antifreeze level warning light.  If the circuit to the level is working
properly, then you have bad wiring to the MFTS.  A faulty MFTS - light
trigger, also means that the ECU is in thermal protection mode, which cuts
out WGFVboost circuit and enrichens the fuel mixture.    The parts you need
ar 443971974 plug and 447971876 (grommet), then the fork type pin connectors
(should be at the counter).  I understand there used to be a "repair kit" for
the connector at the MFTS which was the plug grommet and 6in of wire to
splice in, but I can't find any reference to it nor did the local dealer find
it.  Maybe someone else has had better luck and can post the pn.


Scott J
QSHIPQ Peformance Tuning
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Hello all...
Having a low boost problem on the 200, and am seeking input.
About 2 weeks ago, on a particularly cold night, had the temp warning light
come on.  Unsuprisingly, couldn't get full boost - was limited to 1.4Bar
(Very rarely 1.5B since then).   Saw it, swore, and made arrangements to get
car in shop.  (Don't currently have a garage.)  Now, just got the car back,
and Rolf says that the MFTS is working fine, as are all the other sensors
(!).  He says that the fault is in the circuit board itself, but he doesn't
think that would cause a low boost condition; the signal is sent seperately
to the ECU.  They checked for engine codes, nothing.

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