[200q20v] my deepest apologies

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Dec 17 12:28:22 EST 2001

Apparently, my posts are too long for our new self-appointed Content
Master.  Can't complain, he's immensely qualified for the job;
charming personality, humble, polite, and a degree in diplomacy, too.
He always keeps his messages short, letting us know how long-winded
we are, -never- quotes entire message bodies when he does so,
because, after all, he's concerned about message length.

   I just -love- being insulted(and instructed on what is appropriate
content) on the very list I've run for, oh, 3-4 years now, not to
mention having my polite requests to change his tone mocked.

Oh, and by the way, I have spotted, since I bought my car, a total of
about 4 200q20vs(not counting ones at meets):

-black 200q20v sedan in Boston, mass pike, getting off at the newton
ramp, westbound
-pearl 200q20v wagon, excellent shape, eastbound, pike, around the
weston SP barracks.  Waved.  Owner was too busy talking on phone and
looking cool.
-Tom's Silver Ghost.  Spotted on the way home from Mt Washington this
year, headed northbound on 93.  160mph differential didn't allow time
for a wave :-)  Followed up with an email to him, he never noticed
us(jeez, some Audi guy, not seeing a 200q20v, 5kcstqa, TT roadster,
etc all in caravan, bah)
-the most interesting "spot" was in traffic by the Alst/Cambr. exit,
when I spotted a fellow lister.  This was discovered during an
inter-car conversation while rolling in heavy traffic..."hey, nice
200q20v!"  "thanks, the same!"  "I run a list for owners of these
cars."  "Yeah, I know, I'm on it!" :-)

All were in perfect running condition to my knowledge, and needed no
roadside assistance(besides, I'm a gentleman, I only stop to help

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