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If you have the wheel clearance go for it.  Your handling may be affected by
the wider track of the tires.  The offset is the real animal in the equation
and should be closely looked into.
Here is a link from Ned Riche's web Site IA. about tire diameter and
comparing tire sizes in "swaps".  Although it won't address the offset.
Fully test the range of suspension travel before going with the new setup on
the road.
Our old truck tires rubbed the frame on full turn in when cornering in
parking lots.

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> I purchased some summer wheels for my 97 A8. They are the forged five spoke
> wheels off of the A6 4.2 quattro. After determining what the OD of the tire
> will be with the stock tire for the wheel (the ones that come on the A6
> 4.2), I see that it is smaller than the stock A8 (16", 17" or 18" stock
> wheels). The offset is also different from the 17x8" polished wheels or
> 18x8" S8 wheels. Those have an offset of 48mm, my new wheels have an offset
> of 35mm. I don't think that's a big deal though, the wheel will sit out 1/2"
> (13mm) further.

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