[200q20v] leaking hoses oh my!

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Dec 22 06:49:01 EST 2001

Are you saying you are losing BOTH the hydraulic oil that provides the
boost for power steering and braking AND brake fluid that actually
activates the brake calipers?

Or are you just leaking the boost oil?

Big safety difference here.

If you are leaking the boost oil, do you know it's just the hoses leaking
or is the pump leaking too?  A pump leak has a way of going from a slight
loss of oil over a 1000 miles of travel to emptying the reservoir in a
couple of miles.  Hose leaks usually just get larger gradually.

I don't see how you can "crimp off" a leak and solve any problem.  You
either let it leak or you fix the leaks.

At 02:31 AM 12/22/2001 -0500, Tomsaudi200 at aol.com wrote:

>I thought it was a simple short in the dash. I thought my wife's complaints
>of stiff steering and hard brake pedal were due to the fact that she rarely
>drives the 20Ver.
>If ignorance is bliss, that's where I've been living. Dropped my wife off
>this morning to pick up her '95 90 since the windshield washer pump and
>suspensions bushings were replaced. It being the holidays, I wanted to drive
>the 91 200, so off she went to the car wash, then to get her oil changed.
>After the service was done, the stern German mechanic is staccoto english
>asked if I'd noticed my parking brake idiot light was lit all the time. I
>told him yes, just thinking it was just a short or something. No such luck.
>Turns out my car is pissing brake and power steering fluid. He said the best
>way to go is to just replace all the hoses, but he did say if he had the car
>for a day he could crimp the parts where fluid is bleeding out.
>Any of you guys had this problem? If so, what did it cost you?And just in
>time for Christmas....
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