[200q20v] leaking hoses oh my!

stevequattro at aol.com stevequattro at aol.com
Sat Dec 22 11:40:24 EST 2001

I went through a couple of non-factory hydraulic hoses on the high pressure
side in an attempt to avoid the overpriced OEM hoses.  The crimp was always
the culprit.  Seems this is the weakest link.
Others may have had more success but I would not waste my time again.  I
would just call Rod and have the good hoses delivered and be done with it.
If you are paying a mechanic and only want to pay R&R once, I would go that

The fluid for the 2 systems are different so if your mechanic is correct, you
have more than one leak.
The brake lines, if they are leaking, should never be crimped.  Replace with
OEM or better.

If the power steering pump has been denied lubricant for a while, it may not
last long.  But you never know, it may last for years.
Just check it out next time your wife gives you her diagnostic opinion. :)

God luck,
Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina
91 200 20v 140k s/s brake lines, newish rack/pump and misc hyd hoses and.. on
and on..
87 GTI 190k
89 911 24.5k

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