[200q20v] HEATER: Sheeza HOT, Sheeza COLD...

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Sun Dec 23 10:07:17 EST 2001

Don't think so. Coolant temp looks normal. Heat cycles happen all the time,
consistently. I'm thinking maybe some flap isn't flappin' correctly.

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> Here's a thought...engine thermostat stuck open?  Here's why...if it
> is, coolant will be quite cool at any decent speed when it's cold
> out, until you start to go up a hill, and the coolant jumps in temp.
> Do you remember off-hand if the heat cycles were when you were going
> uphill/accelerating?  Where was the coolant gauge during this?  Did
> cranking it up to "HI" change the behavior?
> Also note that "bilev" puts out cooler air from the dash than it does
> from other vents.
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