[200q20v] Sheeza HOT, Sheeza COLD

Dale McCormack dale at themccormacks.org
Mon Dec 24 00:24:19 EST 2001

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One easy test:
Try turning your climate control "off" and the ignition key "on".  When thi=
s is done listen for the climate control sensor fan (beneath dashboard near=
 passenger) for motor noise.  Holding a lit match above this inlet is anoth=
er way to test fan performance.  If it's working, look elsewhere for your p=
roblem; if not, this fan causes air to pass over the thermostat controlling=
 passenger compartment temperature.  If there's no air flow, the sensor cou=
ld provide the wide temp oscillation  you described.
If it's not working, it is accessible from the passenger compartment.  Not =
easily, but not too difficult.

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