[200q20v] Boost gauge

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at ummhc.org
Mon Dec 24 07:48:03 EST 2001

Can you imagine taking your eyes off the road where they are focused on
things 100 yards ahead, searching around for the cigarette lighter location
two feet away, focusing on the boost gauge and it's numbers and needle, and
then getting reoriented to the road........all the time traveling with your
foot to the floor and your car screaming ahead like a runaway rocket?   You
will want at least two or three seconds of eye contact with the gauge, and
in that time you are going to travel between 150 and 250 feet, at least.
Maybe farther.

Thats why most cars put them on the A-pillar if they are aftermarket mods.
My last 5ktq had it there and as soon as i get around to it, I will be doing
the same to this car as well.


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