[200q20v] Boost Gauge

Richard E. Berlin, Jr. rberlin at adelphia.net
Mon Dec 24 08:32:00 EST 2001

Dear Adam and other listers,

I've been reading this thread with interest as installation
of a boost gauge has been on my mind, as well. While picking
up some Redline stuff at a parts store not long ago, the
owner mentioned that one of the big gauge/instrument makers
now manufactures a boost gauge that operates much like those
fancy alarm clocks that project the time on the ceiling. He
told me he knows a chap who has successfully installed just
such a gauge on the dash in front of the speedo/tach
cluster. The gauge (when turned on) projects the boost
readings as a red light right on the interior of the
windshield, dead ahead of the drivers eyes.

I will request more info from him but  I'll bet at least one
of e 20v listers could cough up a source in no time.

Given that the projection unit is small and flat,  it may
just provide an effective and highly elegant solution to the
boost gauge placement problem. Any of you  heard of this

Happy Holidays to all!!
Richard E. Berlin, Jr
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