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The only flap on the blower box that I know of is to affect the air source
traveling into the heater core thence back into the passenger compartment.
This flap is located in the passenger footwell and is a source of occasional
problems (related to the linkage) with the Type 44, however it isn't
intended to affect temperature. When  the flap is open air is drawn from the
passenger compartment, when closed it brings in outside air.  I  guess if
it's cold enough, there could be some effect on passenger compartment air
temps, but not the "mood swings" you've described.

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> Thanks Dale. I had tested this fan not too long ago, and it worked. I'm
> going to double check it. After doing a little more research, I really
> it may be the temp regulating flap motor on the blower box. Hopefully it
> will be easy. Thanks.
> Gary
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> One easy test:
> Try turning your climate control "off" and the ignition key "on".  When
> is done listen for the climate control sensor fan (beneath dashboard near
> passenger) for motor noise.  Holding a lit match above this inlet is
> way to test fan performance.  If it's working, look elsewhere for your
> problem; if not, this fan causes air to pass over the thermostat
> passenger compartment temperature.  If there's no air flow, the sensor
> provide the wide temp oscillation  you described.
> If it's not working, it is accessible from the passenger compartment.  Not
> easily, but not too difficult.
> HTH,
> Dale
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