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Mon Dec 24 08:24:43 EST 2001

Use a remote LED display attached via a thin wire and
mount it via velcro. That way you can use it on top of
the dash when tuning, down low when just monitoring or
just toss it into the glove compartment when not in

--- Zoot531 at aol.com wrote:
> Listers,
>     I'm preparing to install an analog boost-vacuum
> gauge in the 200q20v in
> preparation for the IA stage III treatment scheduled
> for later next month.  I
> saw the placement of the gauge on the SJM site
> (directly over speaker-vent on
> dash) and i don't really want to put it in that
> position.  The site mentioned
> something about installing the gauge in the space
> occupied by the ciggarett
> lighter.  This seems more appealing to me, and I was
> wondering if anyone on
> the list had done such and installation and would
> like to let me know what it
> entails.
> Many thanks,
> Adam Chinchiolo '91 200q20v, pearl white
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