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I did a little diagnostics on the temp reg. flap and servo motor today.
Didn't find anything abnormal as far as codes, but I'm suspicious of that
servo motor. I'll be checking a little more, and if I can't find any
'smoking gun', I think I may take a shot in the dark and replace that servo
motor. At this point, I think it is either that or the A/C control head.
I'll post what I find. Thanks for the input.

Merry Christmas!!!

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> Actually, if you look at Bentley pages 87.27 through 87.30, you'll see
> there is a temperature regulating flap WITHIN the heater core box that
> directs fresh air over the heater core to warm it or not to provide
> outside-temp fresh air.  It's controlled by a "temperature flap regulating
> servo motor" .    Additional flaps within the heater core box direct the
> fresh or heated or conditioned air to the instrument panel, defroster
> and footwells.  There's even a special tool, or template,  #2076A, for
> assuring proper alignment of the various flaps in the heater core box when
> reassembling it.
> The flap you discuss here is the one at the evaporator box.  Its function
> is to open a flap into the cabin  during A/C use to let previously cooled
> air into the blower system so the A/C is working with progressively cooler
> air.  When A/C is not in use, the cabin flap is closed and fresh air
> the HVAC system through the door to outside in the evaporator box.
> At 09:31 AM 12/24/2001 -0600, Dale McCormack wrote:
> >The only flap on the blower box that I know of is to affect the air
> >traveling into the heater core thence back into the passenger
> >This flap is located in the passenger footwell and is a source of
> >problems (related to the linkage) with the Type 44, however it isn't
> >intended to affect temperature. When  the flap is open air is drawn from
> >passenger compartment, when closed it brings in outside air.  I  guess if
> >it's cold enough, there could be some effect on passenger compartment air
> >temps, but not the "mood swings" you've described.
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