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Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Dec 26 10:21:18 EST 2001

This "temperature regulating flap motor with feedback potentiometer" was
recently found to be bad on my friend James' '89 MC-1 200q after following
through the Bentley "climate control quick-check". Symptoms were reported to be
little heat combined with occasional blasts of hot air through the dash vents.
Comparing it to my '91 which seems to be in working order, his motor never
moved while mine did. So a quick check is to pop up the front of the plenum
cover just behind the head so you can look at the linkage on the passenger (US)
side of heater box operated by the motor on the driver (US) side. If the
linkage never moves at all when you run the CC all the way from LO to HI - you
may need a new motor assembly. Mine started moving from "cooling position" as
shown in Bentley to "heating position" as soon as I moved off LO because of the
30degF ambient temp. If the motor needs replacing, just pull the wiper arms and
plenum cover, then the wiper linkage to give yourself enough room to take off
the 5 Phillips screws holding the motor cover, three more securing the motor
itself to the heater box, and one more on the flap shaft to get it loose - the
shaft end is keyed and has a retaining catch, so a little gentle prying is in
order to get it off. I don't think James has priced the replacement yet - he
was satisfied for the moment with driving with flaps in "heating position"
while I took his motor home to compare it to mine - but the part numbers on it
VMC 7V (probably a designation)
0 132 801 003 (917) (that would be the Bosch part number, the 917 is actually
inside an oval)
made in Belgium
Audi-rings 443 820 511 A (Audi part number)

The diagnostic CC codes associated with this are 08 and 15 on channel 1, I was
starting to get them as well on occasion recently but they went away last year
after I cleaned the motor's connector a bit, hoping they will again with this
diagnostic unplugging and replugging.

Henry Harper
http://www.mindspring.com/~hah3  hah at alumni.rice.edu
1991 200 quattro, 114k
1988 GTI 16v, 224k

On Monday, December 24, 2001 6:15 PM, Gary Martin [SMTP:motogo1 at home.com]
> I did a little diagnostics on the temp reg. flap and servo motor today.
> Didn't find anything abnormal as far as codes, but I'm suspicious of that
> servo motor. I'll be checking a little more, and if I can't find any
> 'smoking gun', I think I may take a shot in the dark and replace that servo
> motor. At this point, I think it is either that or the A/C control head.
> I'll post what I find. Thanks for the input.
> Merry Christmas!!!
> Gary
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> > Actually, if you look at Bentley pages 87.27 through 87.30, you'll see
> > there is a temperature regulating flap WITHIN the heater core box that
> > directs fresh air over the heater core to warm it or not to provide
> > outside-temp fresh air.  It's controlled by a "temperature flap regulating
> > servo motor" .    Additional flaps within the heater core box direct the
> > fresh or heated or conditioned air to the instrument panel, defroster
> vents
> > and footwells.  There's even a special tool, or template,  #2076A, for
> > assuring proper alignment of the various flaps in the heater core box when
> > reassembling it.

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