[200q20v] Re: Sheeza HOT, Sheeza COLD cont'd

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Dec 26 14:18:26 EST 2001

At 10:21 AM -0700 12/26/01, Henry A Harper III wrote:

>  Bosch
>VMC 7V (probably a designation)
>0 132 801 003 (917) (that would be the Bosch part number, the 917 is actually
>inside an oval)
>made in Belgium
>Audi-rings 443 820 511 A (Audi part number)
>The diagnostic CC codes associated with this are 08 and 15 on channel 1, I was
>starting to get them as well on occasion recently but they went away last year
>after I cleaned the motor's connector a bit, hoping they will again with this
>diagnostic unplugging and replugging.

FYI, this module(not sure if its the same one, but it had similar
functions) failed on my father's 944 because coolant leaked into it.

After pulling it all apart, cleaning up the stator+rotor etc,
relubing the gears, and applying contact cleaner then moving contact
lubricator(both from Caig), the whole thing worked good as new, at
least from my simple tests; action was quick+smooth, resistor seemed
to vary smoothly as the arm moved.  A new one for his car, from the
dealer, was around $200 I think, which I felt was patently absurd.
We never got a chance to try it; I found out about this post-fix(and
a new part had been used.)

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