[200q20v] FS: 282 BHP 3B ECUs from Europe

Orin Eman orin at drizzle.com
Sun Dec 30 17:12:37 EST 2001

> "1.4bar"?  Stock max pressure on the 3B is 1.8.  With the chip I
> have(IA III+), its over 2 bar.  1.4bar won't even get you 217hp, much
> less 282.  Ah...i see...you're actually meaning 2.4bar.  All Audi
> displays measure boost absolute; please refer to pressures in
> absolute terms, not relative to atmospheric.

Come on, he was perfectly correct to say 1.4 bar boost.
'Boost' is by definition MAP - atmospheric.  Unfortunately,
the word boost is what is usually used incorrectly around here
and that is what should be corrected.

> >   and a twin-cone K&N airfilter
> Complete garbage.  Cone filters do not provide smooth enough airflow
> for the MAF sensor, and K&N elements do not provide sufficient
> filtering.

It's closer to 400 HP when the airflow becomes a problem.
I still wouldn't use a K&N though due to the unreliability
of the filtering.


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