[200q20v] FS: 282 BHP 3B ECUs from Europe

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Mon Dec 31 13:25:34 EST 2001

Orin wrote:
>>> Come on, he was perfectly correct to say 1.4 bar boost.
>>> 'Boost' is by definition MAP - atmospheric.  Unfortunately,
>>> the word boost is what is usually used incorrectly around here
>>> and that is what should be corrected.


Maybe you are one of the top Audi technical experts, I don't know, but if so
you should know better than to confuse the newbees with a careless use of
terms, thus generating erroneous statements.

MAP is the abbrevation for Manifold Absolute Pressure, not atmospheric.  The
generally accepted meaning of "Boost" relates to atmospheric pressure, thus
it is a gauge pressure measaurement, over and above atmospheric pressure.  A
NA engine operates at zero boost.  1.4 Bar boost would be equivilent to 2.4
Bar MAP at sea level.


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> Really.
> Perhaps you'd like to explain what I don't know about boost.
> Perhaps you'd like to explore the archives for several years first
> and find out what I do know before making such a blanket statement.
> Orin.
>> Orin, You just don't know what you are talking about.  Just listen for
>> awhile.
>> Bernie

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