[200q20v] FS: 282 BHP 3B ECUs from Europe

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Dec 31 15:36:01 EST 2001

At 1:25 PM -0800 12/31/01, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Orin wrote:
>>>>  Come on, he was perfectly correct to say 1.4 bar boost.
>>>>  'Boost' is by definition MAP - atmospheric.  Unfortunately,
>>>>  the word boost is what is usually used incorrectly around here
>>>>  and that is what should be corrected.
>Maybe you are one of the top Audi technical experts, I don't know, but if so
>you should know better than to confuse the newbees with a careless use of
>terms, thus generating erroneous statements.
>MAP is the abbrevation for Manifold Absolute Pressure, not atmospheric.  The
>generally accepted meaning of "Boost" relates to atmospheric pressure, thus
>it is a gauge pressure measaurement, over and above atmospheric pressure.  A
>NA engine operates at zero boost.  1.4 Bar boost would be equivilent to 2.4
>Bar MAP at sea level.

The hilarious part about this is you're lambasting Orin...and then
proceeding to offer a slightly different explanation of exactly what
he's saying, and you're both correct.

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