[200q20v] Wheel Bearing

John Clarke EdwardClarke at mail.gov.nf.ca
Thu Feb 1 14:09:57 EST 2001

Hi there
I posted a message last week at the 20v section with no response--will try again here as it gets much more traffic.  I need to replace a front wheel bearing on my 90q 20v, I have one ordered from Blau and would like to know if anyone has any tips on the installation.  Can I loosen the ball joint with a pickle fork without destroying the boot?  Is it too much aggravation to try to drive out the old bearing and install the new by hand (ie. the old hammer and wood method) or should I just take the housing to a garage and get it done with a press?  I also need a new exhaust and was wondering what the consensus is on the main aftermarket exhausts available (BB TriFlow, Scorpion and Stebro)?

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