[200q20v] Vibration Damper

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Feb 1 17:39:46 EST 2001

At 12:53 PM -0600 2/1/01, Jeff.Bernstein at pneumaticscale.com wrote:
>The vibration damper is not, in my opinion, for the shaking steering wheel
>syndrome (AKA warped rotors).  It is only to minimize high frequency caliper
>vibration which would cause brake pad squealing.  The vibration damper
>doesn't have enough mass to control warped rotor vibrations.

I think you're right about that. Way too small. AFAIK, Audi uses that 
damper approach (let's assume it's for pad squeal) only on the UFO 
brakes.  Since I've never heard people complain about UFO squeal, I 
guess the "fix" must work OK.  I suppose if just some damper 
adjustment could have helped eliminate the warped-rotor shake,  Audi 
would've been doing just that  rather than installing new rotors or a 
conversion job.


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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