[200q20v] Installing a K26 in a 200tq 20v

Tim Sidders tpsidders1 at netzero.net
Fri Feb 2 04:47:04 EST 2001

Hi all 
I have a friend that has a 944 turbo that is upgrading his K26 to a K 27 and the turbo is for sale, I am wondering if I can install this turbo in my car...I have SJM software in the car and have become somewhat used to the power and have the need for MORE!!!! (That's pretty crazy....I never thought I would hear myself say I'm comfortable with 285+hp!)
If the install is possible what type of gains would I expect, and what are the benefits in doing so????I know that I would be losing some low end torque, but if the gains are substancial up top, I think I could live with that!!! Thanks for any info in advance 

91 200tq 20V
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