[200q20v] Help please: throttle body removal

Forhan, Thomas Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov
Fri Feb 2 10:36:00 EST 2001

I'm on a mission to do a bunch of stuff at the back of the engine: replace
the throttle potentiometer/idle switch, clean the throttle body, replace the
rotor, distributor cap, ignition wires, and crankcase breather hose. with my
clumsy big hands, I want to clean out as much stuff as possible Starting
from the Michelin man hose, I've pulled the big tube and connector hose that
lead to the throttle body from the intercooler, and loosened the four hex
head bolts that connect the throttle body to the intake manifold. Following
Scott's suggestions, I am also planning on pulling the intake manifold back
out of the way as well, and it will just take a minute to pull the idle
stabilization valve out of the area as well.

But I am perplexed by the throttle linkage connections to the throttle body.
I'm afraid of messing up existing settings. There is a ball rod connection
leading off the bottom of the spring assembly which looks like it is finely
adjustable, and I cannot get it to just pop off. How about the throttle
cable itself: just unbolt  the clamp assembly from the intake manifold?

Chris' pages have a link to Scotts which show a very nice picture of the
relevant parts: http://www.teleport.com/~scottmo/20vidle.html

Thanks for any and all advice.

Tom F. 

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