Derek Pulvino DPulvino at agraus.com
Fri Feb 2 11:19:16 EST 2001

Hey all, 

I'm wondering if anybody has any access to, or suggestions on getting a plastic fuel injector seat for our vehicle.  After taking off my intake manifold to do the distributor on my car, decided to check and see if I had o-rings under the seats on my vehicle.  Well, I can report no o-ring there as per Bernie's experience, but unfortunately, in my efforts I lost a bit of my faculties, and wound up turning a seat the wrong way, and well, it broke.  

I've contacted the local dealer to get a new one, but it's now been two weeks, and I'm nowhere.  First part I got from one dealership was the wrong piece in a bag with the correct part number, the second piece was the same story.  So the conclusion we've come to is all of these parts are incorrectly labeled, and it's going to require an act of god to get the right part in order to get my car going by my goal of next Tuesday.  

Anybody have an extra seat around that they want swap until the part comes in from Audi, or have a good idea on where to find one?

If ones available, I'll gladly pay rush shipping charges to get the piece in my greasy, dirty little hands (I've been working on the car quite a bit lately).

Derek P
Kirkland Wa.

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