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FS: 91 200 20vTQ in Boston: CHEAP 

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Fri, 2 Feb 2001 08:33:28 -0800 (PST) 

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     The tiny used car dealer 150 feet down the street
from my house has a '91 200TQ for sale.  130K miles,
pearl paint, near-perfect grey leather interior, body
is excellent except for two dents, one on either side,
at the back of the roof.
     I took it out for a test drive the other day, and
noticed the folowing issues: brakes were _soft_, so an
MC or pressure accumulator is in order.  I smelled
coolant in the heater, so the heater core needs doing.
 The boost guage was only reading 1.3 bar and the car
wasn't pulling QUITE as strongly as the other '91
200TQ I've driven, but that one has been meticulously
maintained.  Seems like it's probably just a vacuum
leak somewhere and not the turbo.  The turbo wasn't
making a whine, there was no puff of smoke on startup
(even after I'd heated it up, stopped it for a few
minutes, and restarted it) and the car idled
perfectly.  Power locks didn't work.  Speedometer was
flaking out (read about 60 mph at 100 mph, bounced
around).  Slight vibration in the wheel at speed. 
Other than that, the car drove very well, clutch was
smooth, tranny was fine, etc.
     Price is listed as $4950, but that is with a
warranty.  When I told the dealer about the problems I
saw with the car, he said, "I'll fix the brakes for
liability reasons, and you fix the rest of the
problems.  No warranty.  But I'll give you a wholesale
price."  As if $4950 ISN'T a wholesale price!  My
feeling is that they think it's just a regular 200TQ. 
My guess is that you could pick it up for $3000-$4000
pretty easilly.  The car is COMPLETELY stock (down to
the UFO's, wheels, etc) and seems like it just need a
little TLC to be perfect.  
     If you're in the Boston area, email me, or call
me at 617-782-9115 for directions.  I literally live
about 150 feet away from the dealership.  It's located
in Allston.  At the intersection of N. Harvard and
Western Ave, take Western away from Boston, towards
Watertown.  At the very next light, (riverside,
riverdale?) there is a small dealer with a yellow
happy face on the sign.              Go down to the
end of riverside, it intersects with raymond st.  I
live right in front of you at 35 Raymond, with my
4KCSQ rally car.  Stop in, and take me and my
girlfriend out to dinner, 'cause I'm getting you a
GREAT deal on a car. :)  Okay, maybe not dinner, but
at least say hello.

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