[200q20v] I got it!

Tomsaudi at aol.com Tomsaudi at aol.com
Sat Feb 3 01:19:10 EST 2001

Ok, say maybe I was a little distracted at work today contemplating my 
purchase, but My '91 200 20V Quattro sits proudly in my driveway. What a 
stunning car to just look at....

The paint shop my dealer went to could not have done a better job at 
repainting the hood. An absolute pefect match in every regard. Fully 
detailed, the car just looks incredible inside and out. The car was in the 
garage so I could observe it under the lights. The salesmen tries to start 
it....click click click. Dead battery. Not the way I wanted to start my life 
with this car. 

Apparently the last person to use the car did not realize you must turn off 
the radio manually. So, we got a jump, I drove it for about half an hour 
afterwards, and have had no problems since. A couple quick observations I had 

One of the front fog lights is out.
The light for the driver's heated seat is out.
Now that I know where to read the turbo boost, at idle it at .5-.7psi. From 
what I have read from you guys, this is a little on the low side.

Tonight I had to take the car on the highway. Throttle wide open merging onto 
the turnpike, the highest boost reading I got was 1.6psi. 

But then, I start worrying. Some of you may recall my dealer said they were 
putting on new tires on the car. What I could not believe was how much road 
noise they were generating, it was incredibly annoying. When I returned home, 
I got a flashlight out to see what tires I had. The dealer installed SNOW 
TIRES on my car! This totally changes how the car handles, feels. The thing 
feels like a Buick LaSabre, not an Audi. I'm calling the dealer tomarrow to 
complain, but not sure what, if anything, they're going to do about it. 
Still, I cannot get over the fact they fitted it with snow tires.

There is still brake shudder. I was told the rotor work was outsourced, and 
the guy "skiffed" or some similar sounding word the rotors. Also, they said 
there was a little rust, so the shuddering should go away as I continue 
driving it. The salesman, obviously not aware of the rotor situation unique 
to these cars talked about trying to exchange them, but the guy talked him 
out of it. Hmmmm. Still, the car brakes fine, has 80% of the pads still 
there, and they passed inspection. I may sit on this awhile.

As for the turbo, I may wait on that too. Well, all in all it is a good, 
solid car, and I am happy with it. Job #1 is to lose these snow tires though. 
I get the feeling it's going to come out of my wallet, but when the dealer 
picks the tires, well, we know how that goes....

91 200 20V Quattro
95 90

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