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Sat Feb 3 00:32:20 EST 2001

Hi Tom,

Congratulations on the purchase!  I'd love to have one of those.

On the tires, I don't remember/didn't notice where you are, but I 
would buy some upgraded wheels with summer tires, and keep the 
snow tires they gave you on the stocks for when you need them.

I think your boost gauge may be expressed bar not psi.  
Something like 14.5 psi to one bar, one bar being pressure at sea 

Best regards,


On 3 Feb 2001, at 1:19, Tomsaudi at aol.com wrote:

> Ok, say maybe I was a little distracted at work today contemplating my 
> purchase, but My '91 200 20V Quattro sits proudly in my driveway. What a 
> stunning car to just look at....
> The paint shop my dealer went to could not have done a better job at 
> repainting the hood. An absolute pefect match in every regard. Fully 
> detailed, the car just looks incredible inside and out. The car was in the 
> garage so I could observe it under the lights. The salesmen tries to start 
> it....click click click. Dead battery. Not the way I wanted to start my life 
> with this car. 
> Apparently the last person to use the car did not realize you must turn off 
> the radio manually. So, we got a jump, I drove it for about half an hour 
> afterwards, and have had no problems since. A couple quick observations I had 
> made:
> One of the front fog lights is out.
> The light for the driver's heated seat is out.
> Now that I know where to read the turbo boost, at idle it at .5-.7psi. From 
> what I have read from you guys, this is a little on the low side.
> Tonight I had to take the car on the highway. Throttle wide open merging onto 
> the turnpike, the highest boost reading I got was 1.6psi. 
> But then, I start worrying. Some of you may recall my dealer said they were 
> putting on new tires on the car. What I could not believe was how much road 
> noise they were generating, it was incredibly annoying. When I returned home, 
> I got a flashlight out to see what tires I had. The dealer installed SNOW 
> TIRES on my car! This totally changes how the car handles, feels. The thing 
> feels like a Buick LaSabre, not an Audi. I'm calling the dealer tomarrow to 
> complain, but not sure what, if anything, they're going to do about it. 
> Still, I cannot get over the fact they fitted it with snow tires.
> There is still brake shudder. I was told the rotor work was outsourced, and 
> the guy "skiffed" or some similar sounding word the rotors. Also, they said 
> there was a little rust, so the shuddering should go away as I continue 
> driving it. The salesman, obviously not aware of the rotor situation unique 
> to these cars talked about trying to exchange them, but the guy talked him 
> out of it. Hmmmm. Still, the car brakes fine, has 80% of the pads still 
> there, and they passed inspection. I may sit on this awhile.
> As for the turbo, I may wait on that too. Well, all in all it is a good, 
> solid car, and I am happy with it. Job #1 is to lose these snow tires though. 
> I get the feeling it's going to come out of my wallet, but when the dealer 
> picks the tires, well, we know how that goes....
> Tom
> 91 200 20V Quattro
> 95 90
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