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Sat Feb 3 02:27:11 EST 2001

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> Glen, the UFO rotor is not ugly, it is just unique, and does not last an
> appropiate service length on a type 44 chassis, heavier car. I am happy it
> has worked for you in the lighter type 85 chassis, did you have to build
> adapter to fit the caliper mounting points or was it a bolt in
> Best Regards, Bill

Guess I have to disagree here. I have UFOs that have about 100k on them.
They do occasionally warp and are easy to fix. I do believe that driving
technique has a lot to do with being able to get long life with UFOs.
Holding the brake pedal down after stopping will naturally cause a hot spot
and warpage - inching forward at stop lites. etc to prevent the pads from
being held in the same spot against a hot rotor and causing uneven cooling
will greatly lengthen their life. I will say that most of my driving is not
city type and I can get about 40-50k on a set of stock pads. I've owned my
car for about 5 yrs and am on the same set of UFO's - records indicate they
were replaced at about 35k miles - I bought the car at about 70k miles.

mike miller
UFO'ing it in Montana

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