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Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Sat Feb 3 13:52:03 EST 2001

At 1:19 AM -0500 2/3/01, Tomsaudi at aol.com wrote:

>Now that I know where to read the turbo boost, at idle it at .5-.7psi. From
>what I have read from you guys, this is a little on the low side.

No, that's fine.  It might actually be slightly high if anything; 
this and the low boost might point to a leak somewhere.

  That's not reading -boost-, it's reading manifold pressure. 
1.0=same as atmospheric.  1.8 bar = almost 2x atmospheric.

With the ignition on but engine stopped, the display should read 1.0 
on a stock ECU.  A chipped ECU will read something like .8 because 
the pressure sensor is changed(don't worry, fuel/boost/timing maps 
are re-done in all of the 200q20v ECU mods sold in the US that I've 
heard of.)

>Tonight I had to take the car on the highway. Throttle wide open merging onto
>the turnpike, the highest boost reading I got was 1.6psi.

That's slightly low.  Max is supposed to be 1.8; the test is to go 
from 2k rpms to 3k rpms in 4th gear, I believe.

>There is still brake shudder. I was told the rotor work was outsourced, and
>the guy "skiffed" or some similar sounding word the rotors. Also, they said
>there was a little rust, so the shuddering should go away as I continue
>driving it. The salesman, obviously not aware of the rotor situation unique
>to these cars talked about trying to exchange them, but the guy talked him
>out of it. Hmmmm. Still, the car brakes fine, has 80% of the pads still
>there, and they passed inspection. I may sit on this awhile.

Did you get the "brake repair" on paper?  If not, you're going to go 
back in a week and say "it still does it."  He's going to look at you 
and suddenly have a case of amnesia.  Or tell you "you need to drive 
it some more...", and the week after that...

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